Hiding In Plain Sight

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Sexting, snapchat, and personal messaging are all opportunities for individuals to share inappropriate photos that can be saved to a device by various methods.

With sexting laws in place in most areas this could quite possibly mean legal trouble should the images stored on a device be sexual and inappropriate in nature.

The Parent Feed suggests to spot check your child’s phone on occasion to make sure he or she is not in possession of an image that could lead to trouble.

Do you know what to look for?

It may be more complicated than you think thanks to Apps that can assist in hiding photos and other Apps your child doesn’t want you to see.

There are a slew of them that are geared toward hiding pictures, other apps, messages and even music in plain sight.


One getting a lot of attention right now isCalculator App Calculator%.

This App is disguised as a calculator (and works like a real calculator) but when the user enters a passcode hidden photos can be revealed.

Other Apps with capabilities to hide things on a device:


Hide It Pro

Vault Hide

Hide Pictures in Vaulty




Next time you spot check your child’d device make sure you are on the look out for these Apps as well as any you are not familiar with. Go ahead and open the Apps to see that they are what they appear to be. If you are in doubt, ask your child to show you what it does. As always, we at The Parent Feed believe that open communication and mutual understanding on rules regarding devices is essential to keeping your family safe and smart.

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