Periscope – An App Review

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Periscope, a recently launched live-streaming video App should have parents on high alert.

This iPhone app released by Twitter allows users to broadcast live video and audio to the internet using an iPhone’s video capabilities. periscope activity

Described as  “the closest thing to teleportation” this technology has the potential to be parents’ worst nightmare when it comes to protecting our children’s privacy. Users can broadcast their identity and location at the touch of a button and anyone logged in can get instant access to it.

Since it’s release, Periscope has received many complaints of sexual harassment and unwanted solicitation. And while Periscope has a team dedicated to content review, there does not appear to be way to fully monitor or block users from becoming abusive.

If not disabled, Periscope has a location sharing feature and users can be searched by location on the home page of the program. This feature paired with the ability to anonymously communicate with other users, has a very real an imminent potential for danger.

 Periscope user locations

Periscope user locations

Cyberbullying, sexual harassment and location tagging are our biggest concerns with this application.

Please, sit down with your children and discuss what they and their friends share online and make them aware of the devastating consequences of revealing too much on an App such as this one.

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